The 4-H and Livestock Building are located at 800 W 1st St – 1st & Grandview Newton Kansas. 

The facility holds many 4-H events and can be rented by the public when available. To check if you can have your event, please email the office or call (316)284-6930. 

We can book events up to 12 months in advance.


Note: The deposit (cash or check) will be cashed upon reserving the facility. If the facility is found in satisfactory condition and all conditions of the agreement are met, the deposit will be refunded by mail as a check within 30 days after the event is 

Reserving the building

  1. Please check the availability by contacting us at the Harvey County Extension Office, located in the courthouse.
  2. You can pick-up the lease agreement at our office (also available on  PDF  here  Fairgrounds Rental Agreement 
  3. To book the building, you have to come to the office and pay the deposit fee – there are no holds. We take cash and check (payable to Harvey County KS Fair Association) – no cards are accepted. 

Next steps

  1. Pick-up the key a day before your event (we are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5 pm – closed on holidays) and pay the rent at the Harvey County Extension Office.
  2. Enjoy the building. Please let us know of any issues before your event (leave a message at (316)284-6930).
  3. The clean-up has to happen during your lease day(s). Here is a nonexhaustive guide.
  4. Bring back the keys to the Extension office the following business day.
  5. Your deposit will be mailed within 30 days of your event if it has passed the inspection.