2019 Harvey Co Fair FigURE 8 Rules

Entries are open to men and women who have a valid driver’s license. In the interest of safety and in fairness to all contestants, the following rules and regulations will prevail:


1. All drivers and pit crews must be 18 years of age or have a notarized permit by a parent or guardian. ID must be shown by both the minor and signing adult at check in. Notary paper work must be done prior to entry! There will be no notary available at the derby.

2. All drivers and pit crew must sign a release form prior to derby.

3. Drivers must furnish his/her own car.

4. A maximum of six (6) sponsors per car.

5. Drivers may enter each heat but must have a different car for each heat.

6. Each car will pay an entry fee. The entry fee will include two pit passes, one driver & one car. The fee is as follows – $40 the day of the derby.

7. Additional pit passes will be available for $20 ea.

8. Anyone entering the pit area must provide a valid state ID.

9. **NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE PIT AREA AT ANYTIME BETWEEN 11AM TO THE END OF THE DERBY! Anyone under the age of 18 must have notarized paper work with them at the time of check in along with the signing adult & both presenting a valid ID.


1. Helmets with a face shield or goggles must be worn. If a helmet or eye protection comes off or is removed during a race, driver will be disqualified from that race.

2. No profanity on car.

3. Seat belt and shoulder harness must be worn at all times.

4. Hail screen may be placed in the windshield area in front of the driver only.

5. Drivers will be disqualified if any door or hood comes open during that race.

6. Drivers must be present at the driver’s meeting held.

7. When call goes out to be in place, drivers have two minutes to be in place or will be disqualified for that race.

8. Any car catching fire will be allowed one restart per race.

9. Any car that rolls over will be allowed one restart per race.

10. All cars must stop immediately when the red flag comes out.

11. Drivers must stay in car until the race is over, except for a fire.

12. Drivers must keep arms and hands inside of car during race.

14. All cars are subject to re-inspection at any time.

15. All rulings by the race official are final.

16. For safety reasons, we recommend that you wear a neck roll.

17. Jeans and long sleeve shirts are mandatory due to insurance reasons.




1. All glass and chrome must be removed before entering the grounds. All loose items must be removed from the car including items in the trunk and door panels.

2. Door and trunk lids must be welded shut or chained with a minimum 5/16” chain.

3. Hood can be chained with a minimum 5/16” chain or no more than 6,1″inch all thread.

4. Gas tank must be removed. Gas tank is a maximum of 6 gallons and fastened securely in the rear seat area. For driver’s safety, a metal tank is mandatory and a cover of some sort over it.

5. Batteries must be moved to the front seat compartment and securely fastened.

6. Air cleaners must be left in place.

7. Driver’s door reinforcement must be added. No Grader Blades.

8. Driver’s compartment must have a 4-point roll cage. A minimum of 2” OD pipe may be used.

9. Holes must be cut in the hood large enough for a fire extinguisher to be used.

10. Radiator must be left in place. A support from the top of the radiator support to the roll cage only will be allowed. Electric fans can be used but must be in engine compartment.

11. All wheel and tire balancing weights must be removed. You may run any type of tire you wish. Skidders are allowed.

12. For safety reason, clean engine of oil and grease

13. For safety reason, leave firewall intact and heater cores covered.

14. Your number has to be on top of the car.

15. You can run weld in centers. No thicker than 1/4 in material.

16. Any make or model of rearend is allowed.

17. Numbers need to be on a roof sign of some sort.

18. A piece of pipe or square tubing, no more than 4” and no longer than the frame horns can be used for a bumper, front and rear. A push bar can be welded to the bumpers but no taller than 12” and bumper cannot be any wider than the front tires and not extend forward of the car further then the stock bumper.

19. A piece of pipe or sucker rod (maximum 1” diameter) is required from the firewall to the top of the car roof or roll bar to keep the hood from coming into the car.

20. Seatbelt and shoulder harness must be permanently mounted..

21. Drive shaft loop is required.