2020 – there will not be an ATV Rodeo for 2020.


2019 ATV Rules and Information:

August 3, 2019

Registration: 10:30 am-12:00 pm   

Practice: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm

Racing begins at 1:30 pm

2019 Harvey County Fair ATV Rodeo Registration



Circle Track Racing (Sr Division Only), Pole Bending (All Age Divisions), Barrel Racing (All Age Divisions)


 Jr Dirt Bike(Ages 0-8)    Intermediate Dirt Bike(Ages 9-14)         Sr Dirt Bike (Ages 15 and over)

Jr Quad (Ages 0-8)         Intermediate Quad (Ages 9-14)

Sr Utility Quad (Ages 15 and over with a “utility” type 4-wheeler)

Sr Sport Quad (Ages 15 and over with a “sport” type 4-wheeler)


Entry Fee:

$20 – enters the rider in the pole bending & barrel racing for their division

$10 – additional entry for circle track racing (Senior Divisions Only)

Entry fee money will be awarded to top three riders in each division for each event- 100% payout!

General Admittance: $5/person

Go to harveycountyfair.com for details

Also check for last minute updates on our Facebook page Harvey County Free Fair  – https://www.facebook.com/hvfair/

ATV Rodeo Sponsors:

Buller Cycle Service, Dan’s Cycle, Millennium Machine and Tool

Official Rules


  1. Each rider will sign an activity waiver that includes an emergency contact in case thereof.
  2. Any rider under the age of 18 will need the signature of a parent or guardian. This parent or guardian must be present to make the approval and signature.
  3. Each rider must be equipped with an appropriate helmet while operating their vehicle.
  4. Each rider must meet age requirements for their particular vehicle- atv rodeo officials will have final say regarding this.
  5. Each rider is eligible to enter multiple events and divisions if and when appropriate. (Example- A 16 yr old with a dirt bike and a sport type 4-wheeler may enter both the pole bending and barrel racing for each vehicle totaling 4 entries if he/she chooses.)
  6. ATV Rodeo officials will have final determination on what is a “utility” versus “sport” 4-wheeler.



  1. Racing is head to head racing. Two riders will face off starting at the same starting line following a pattern for each event and finishing at the same finish line.  Patterns will be available and demonstrated prior to the start of racing.
  2. If a rider breaks the pattern in any way they will be disqualified and the other rider will win the race if they complete the pattern correctly. In the event that both riders break the pattern they will be asked to re-run immediately.
  3. If a rider knocks over a barrel or pole they are disqualified. A rider may touch a pole or barrel to steady it from falling over while remaining on their vehicle, but once the pole or barrel has fallen over they are disqualified. Riders must stay on their vehicle for the entire race failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  4. In the event that an infraction of the pattern occurs or wreck due to an unsportsmanlike action by the opposing rider a disqualification or re-run may occur and is at the discretion of race officials.
  5. ATV officials will determine the winner of each race- if the race is too close to call the riders will be asked to re-run.
  6. The winning rider of each race will be asked to come back and race against another winning rider in a bracket style format to determine the top three riders.

Registration/Check-In @ Demo Derby Pit Gate (Begins@ 10:30AM Closes @ 12:00PM)


  1. Be prepared to sign event waiver forms provided by race officials at registration/check-in table. (The waiver form is posted online and available for viewing prior to race day.) NOTE: any rider under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature at the registration/check-in table.
  2. Entry fees will be paid at time of registration at the check-in table. Entry fees are $10/event. . (Example- A 16 yr old with a dirt bike and a sport type 4-wheeler may enter both divisions if he/she chooses. This would be an entry fee of $40)
  3. Participants are asked to park inside the pit area – located South of the ATV/Demo Arena. A map is posted online and signs will be posted.
  4. All riders are asked to enter the pit gate where they will receive a wristband upon arrival at no charge. One and only one parent/guardian representing a rider is free to enter this gate as well and will receive a wristband.  If additional friends/family choose to be in the pit area they will be asked to pay $10/ each to receive a wristband.  Everyone in the pit area must have a wristband.  Additional friends/family may choose to watch from general admittance area at $5/person instead of paying $10 for a pit wristband.
















2019 Harvey County Fair ATV Rodeo Registration 


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