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 2014 Harvey County Fair Board Members
1 yr term 2014-2015   2yr term 2014-16    3 yr term 2014-17
    Craig Sooter           Mike Riffel                Carol Budde
    Teresa Ulbrich         Heather Koehn        Katrina Nuss       
    Tom Brault              Joe Stahley              Gary Lanier
    Doug Stucky           Joe Simoneau         Chris McGinn
    Bill Black                 Randy Marshal        Robert Kasitz
   Jim Schwartz           Joan Simoneau        Bill Towes 
                                                                    Sandy Fraser
                                                                    Wes Hamm    
                                                                    Rick  Schlender
                                                                    Carolyn Strunk
                                                                    Wes Rhodes (14)
                                                                    Joyce Dufriend
                                                                    Norman Roux (14)

2013 Harvey County Fair Board Members

1 yr term 2013-14    2yr term 2013-15    3 yr term 2013-16
Carol Budde             Craig Sooter           Mike Riffel
Anita Davis              Teresa Ulbrich         Heather Koehn        
Katrina Nuss            Tom Brault              Joe Stahley
Gary lanier              Doug Stucky            Joe Simoneau
Chris McGinn           Bill Black                 Jennifer Watchous ?
Robert Kastiz           Jim Schwartz           Randy Marshal ?
Bill Toews    
Sandy Frazier