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2016 Events and Participants

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Buymanship and CCFR Judging Date: July 9th

                Buymanship                     Clothing Construction Fashion Revenue

                 Seth Stucky                                           Brylee Budde

                 Joel Golubski                                         Jade-Ruiz-Morgan   

                 Benjamin Roth                                       Evelyn Gaertner

                 Hunter Lanier                                        Leah Sauerwein        

                Joshua Stucky                                       Juliene Wald

         Remington Greider-Little                               Gabriella Mayes   

                 Wyatt Boese                                          Tayton Smith          

                 Luke Stucky                                           Alexis Martin

                 Brock Jensen                                         Courtney White   

                 Brody Boese                                          Teegan Smith  

                 Lucas Roth                                            Brynn Budde    

                 Reid Golubski                                         Ava Lewis   

                 Elijah Roth                                             Hannah Gaertner       

                 Dominique Schutte                                 Tyrianna Bridges   

                 Dalaina Schutte                                      Leah Wertenberger  

                 Ava Lewis                                              Sarah McKown 

                 Brynn Budde                                          Ashley Unruh  

                 Sarah McKown                                       Dalaina Schutte

                 Ashley Unruh                                         Dominique Schutte   

                 Addison Jensen                                      Rachel Rizzuto  

                 Abby Banta                                            Elizabeth Esch   

                 Leah Littlejohn                                       Rebecca Ring

                 Jadyn Eckert                                          Grace Thompson  

                 Faye Smith                                             Haly Hendricks   

                 Elizabeth Esch                                        Christa Kondziola

                 Rebecca Ring                                         Faye Smith   

                 Grace Thompson

                 Haly Hendricks

                 Marissa Hurst

                 Christa Kondziola

                 Brylee Budde

                 Taylor Redington

                 Jade Ruiz-Morgan

                 Macy Boese

                 Shea Inlow

                 Gabriella Mayes

                Shelby Ryan

                Shelby Spreier

                Stephanie Burkett

                Victoria Watchous