Saturday, August 4, 2018 at 1:30 P.M.

2017 ATV Rules and Information:

Rodeo Time 6:30 Our New event… The ATV Rodeo. Fun for the whole family! Get involved having competition with family and friends. Use your ATV in this Rodeo Style event: Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. These events not only test your speed, but also challenges your abilities on your ATV and Motorcycle. We provide all the equipment for this event. You provide the ATV.                            

On-Line Registration at bottom of page.More details to be available soon.

Spectator gate fee $5. Gates open at 6 PM. ATM entry Fee $10 each event.

Registration starts at 5:00 pm. Only race event participants allowed in pit area. (2) Age Groups 13 and under and 14 and over. Duo Barrel Race – Race in pairs against each other, share the 2nd barrel. Winner advances on bracket to Championship. Pre-registration: Online by August 2, 2017 NOT MANDATORY but PREFERRED! Registration/Check-In (Begins@ 4:30 Closes @ 6:15)

Events/Divisions: Pole Bending , Barrel Racing Divisions: Jr Dirt Bike(Ages 0-13) Sr Dirt Bike (Ages 14 and over) Jr Quad (Ages 0-13) Sr Stock Quad (Ages 14 and over with a “stock” type 4-wheeler) Sr Sport Quad (Ages 14 and over with a “sport” type 4-wheeler) Sr UTV (Ages 14 and over)

Entry Fee: $10/Event

General Admittance: $5/person

Prizes: Top three riders will be awarded a trophy and cash award- Entry fee money will be awarded to top three riders in each division for each event- 100% payout!


2017 ATV Rodeo On-line Registration  Place a “Yes” in categories you plan to race

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Dirt Bike 13 U Barrel

Dirt Bike 13 U Pole

Bend Dirt Bike 14 O Barrel

Dirt Bike 14 O Pole

3/4 Wheeler 13 U Barrel

3/4 Wheeler 13 U Pole

Stock 3/4 Wheeler 14 O Barrel

Stock 3/4 Wheel 14 O Pole

Sport 3/4 Wheeler 14 O

Barrel Sport 3/4 Wheeler 14 O Pole

UTV Side Side 14 O Barrel

UTV Side Side 14 O Pole

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